“My initial artistic response to the Artura is captured in these two films, created during my time in the McLaren workshop. For me artistic creation takes multiple forms, video, composition, paintings – I like to combine formats for maximum impact.

These two films are teasers which capture the creation of the painting and the recording of the sounds of the Artura, which I incorporated into a song that was released on 17th October. SGYouTube

I also wrote a separate McLaren Artura Sfx soundtrack for Video 2, solely made up of the car sounds recorded in situ in the workshop.”

Video 1
Video 2

Artura – by Ella Spira MBE

This is the Artura, a hybrid supercar designed by British car manufacturer McLaren Automotive.  A genre defining car manufacturer and racing team, McLaren is an ambassador for British engineering, at the cutting edge of innovation and excellence. It appears here in its launch colour ‘Flux Green’.  It was painted in situ in the McLaren workshop in Singapore, ahead of the launch of the Artura in Singapore, during the F1 Grand Prix in October 2022. 

The name of the car marries the concept of art together with the innovative and futuristic approach to design that is the hallmark of McLaren.

My work as part of Sisters Grimm and as a visual artist is concerned with nature and the protection of the environment. I am fascinated by the boundary-pushing work that lies behind the creation of this hybrid vehicle, which aims to change the impact of cars on the environment. In spending time with the Artura, I found an unexpected connection with and deep respect for the artistry in every detail of this beautiful and powerful feat of engineering.

This painting channels the strength, freedom and fearlessness I feel, which resonates with the character of McLaren cars. I wanted to bring femininity to this work, and a different way to reflect McLaren’s association with innovation and speed. 

An act of feminism of sorts. Art reflecting Art. 

ARTURA and Ella Spira MBE
ARTURA and Ella Spira MBE