‘Pietra in Bogor’ 2022

Indonesia series

Ella first visited Indonesia and began collaborating with local artists and various cultural consultants in Bali in 2017.

Ella co-wrote the score with Naomi Hammerton, for the Sisters Grimm show ‘The Enchantress’, a story of betrayal and revenge which premiered in London in 2018.

For this, Sisters Grimm and James Cousins joined forces to explore the Balinese philosophy of dualism through Bali’s legendary character of Rangda, a queen and warrior. The show presents their interpretation of her back story as a betrayed woman who ultimately seeks revenge on those who banished her, sending her into exile.

The title role of the Balinese Warrior Queen is portrayed by two strong female leads, one dancer and one singer. Sisters Grimm presented renowned Balinese dancer, Yasmin Priyatmoko Bohn as the lead protagonist.

The painting ‘Pietra in Bogor’ represents a banyan tree on the island of Java. It has a particular physicality and occupies a special place in the gardens of Bogor. As Pietra sat at the foot of the tree, both her and Ella found a deep calm, which Ella captured with this intimate painting. A moment that also represents peace reclaimed after a difficult time in Ella’s life and celebrates the special relationship that Ella and Pietra share, as Sisters Grimm. Pietra in Bogor tells the story of a relationship, of a country that opened its arms to them, at a time when they were vulnerable. The artwork was acquired in 2022 by Junyi Tao in Singapore for £250,000 GBP.