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New single and music video called ‘Oceanography’

For this piece Ella is focusing on oceanography, specifically ocean ventilation. The inspiration has been born from her youngest brother being Physical Oceangrapher, Theo Spira PhD Candidate, currently in Sweden with a research unit focused on the Southern Ocean.  Having that invaluable, direct inside knowledge of the research being done, including insights from his time on a vessel in Antarctica, how relatively new this area of science research is and how imperative the need for more awareness is in order to continue to push the work forward, produced the concept for Oceanography.

The artworks featured were created by Ella at Little Bay Beach and Palm Beach in New South Wales Australia.

The oceans are vital to the climate system and all natural life!

More than 90% of the excess heat (i.e., global warming) is absorbed by the ocean

75% of the oceans uptake of anthropogenic (human induced) heat occurs in the Southern Ocean

50% of the oceans uptake of anthropogenic (human induced) carbon dioxide occurs in the Southern Icean

Cheng at al. “Upper ocean temperatures hit record high in 2020” (2021)
Frölicher at al “Dominance of the Southern Ocean in anthropogenic carbon and heat uptake in CMIP5 models” (2015)

With thanks to Theo Spira